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Updated to include the latest information from the November 2022 Planet Youth survey

The Facts

This website has been developed for use as a teaching resource. Its purpose is to provide teachers with up-to-date and local information that will help inform discussion in the classroom and support the delivery of modules within the SPHE curriculum.

The website presents data from the Planet Youth survey of 15 and 16 year-olds and will be updated every two years with the latest information from each biennial survey.

The responses that the students provided are presented by county and then topic. Also provided are cross-tabulated results that help begin to show the relationships between categories. The effect of physical activity on mental health for example or of bullying on self-esteem. Each topic has different cross-tabulated data, and you can find more information related to these in the about section or by browsing the topics.

Working groups of teachers, subject coordinators and students informed the design and content of the site.

The website, and the information the students provided during the survey, allow an insight into what it’s like to be growing up in Ireland at the moment. We hope that you find it useful.


Cyber Bullying
Screen Time
Substance Use
Physical Health
Mental Health
Being Connected
Peer Pressure
Sexual Health